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Meet Jermaine 

Jermaine enjoys a versatile career as a Professor of Voice, conductor, collaborative pianist and Worship & Arts Pastor. He is a native of Miami, FL and a graduate of the prestigious New World School of The Performing Arts and an alumni of Auburn University where he earned his..

Vocal Coaching


Music Consultation

Whether you're learning an instrument, or would like to improve your vocal technique, or acting ability, Jermaine will harness his years of experience and education in the fine arts, to get you to the next level with one on one lessons, and coaching uniquely tailored to suit your needs.  

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"Jermaine is a vocal guru. He knows how to help you shape, refine and execute your sound for any genre of music"

Dr. Brandon A. Boyd

University Of Missouri 


"From choral to gospel, Jermaine knows what it takes to make it work. He has a unique way of  turning on the musical "light bulb"

"I'm honored to call him my spiritual son. He is an old man trapped in a young mans body. He understands worship and the posture of a "get to" not a "have to". 

Dr. Bradley Ellingboe
Conductor/Neil A. Kjos Music

Bishop Joseph Garlington
Covenant Church Of Pittsburgh


"Jermaine is a rare gift to the world. He's an old soul but he can relate to any generation because he's real and his approach is always lead with love and excellence"

Denise Graves
Worship Pastor/ELP President


"Not only is Jermaine, a dear friend and one who I unequivocally call a “true son,” but is an anointed vessel surrendered to the call upon his life. His time with us left an indelible impression.  He has a way of encouraging people to model excellence but to more-so model a life-style of Worship in our daily lives"

"I wouldn't have made to the finals let alone auditioned for Idol if it wasn't for Jermaine pushing and coaching me.

Malachi Nibbs

American Idol Season 11 Finalist

Dr. Leo H. Davis

Choral Conductor & Noted Author


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